About Fire Pond Pottery

Our goal is to make well-designed pieces that enhance the experience for the user. We want people to look forward to drinking coffee out of their mug or be excited to use their bowl. We hope our pieces convey our enjoyment of this craft, and that everyone who uses our pottery will find additional pleasure in everyday activities.


Fire Pond Pottery is named after our original location in Fremont, NH. Part of the property included a "fire pond," which acted as a hydrant if a fire started nearby. It was there that Fire Pond Pottery was born.

We loved the house and property. We thought we'd never move, but just like our pottery we are ever-changing. After years of kayaking on Powwow Pond in nearby Kingston, NH, a home became available right on the water. We jumped at the chance to have a new studio overlooking the water. We're excited to learn how the inspiring water view will reflect in our pottery.

That is the way life works most of the time. You think you have it all figured out, until the twists and turns spin you in another direction. Like pottery. We had not planned to become potters, but now we cannot imagine doing anything else. We constantly strive to create new beautiful and functional pieces. Like life, our pottery will always be a work in progress.


Powwow Pond in Kingston, NH. Photo taken by An-Chian Kao.

Larry warming his hands on the raku kiln, and Jessica throwing a bowl. Both Jessica and Larry make and glaze their pieces, and each has their own style. Long-time customers can tell if it is a Jessica or Larry piece! We have been potters for approximately eighteen years.

We would like to acknowledge the teachers
who helped cultivate our love of pottery:

Chris Archer - The Mud Room

Patrick Frazer - Great Bay Pottery

Lorraine Dilmore - Lorraine Dilmore Stoneware

Linda Sten - Sten Pottery

Ray LaBranche - The Newfields Potter

Tim Christensen - Tim Christensen Pottery